About Us

   We are a consortium of Vets & Construction personnel with over 100 years of DOD construction experience. All of us have excelled at their field of endeavor. All are full time employed or own there own company. We all have a passion for the job. We all have a burning desire to see the job done right the first time, ahead of schedule and a quality product to the government, while having a good safe work environment.

Dan - I have been in management for over twenty years and in the trades for two years with projects ranging from 120 million to just a few million. Several of these projects have been with the ROICC and the USACE. These projects range from commercial, civil, undergound, high rise, municipal facilities, design builds, private work, hotels, aircraft facilities, Cal Tans, State-DSA and local municipal work. In most cases those projects with the US Gov't have received "Outstanding" ratings with no less than an "Above Average" overall rating. Not only have these projects been successful with the clients, but most of the subcontractors have also been successful on these projects that I been involved with as a project manager or superintendent.

   Alex - Gunnery Sargent USMC 13yrs, Superintendent, CQC, SSHO, Journeyman Carpenter. 23yrs in the DOD construction arena, to include, Camp Parks, NAF El Centro, Nellis AFB, Camp Pendleton, MCAS Miramar, MCAGCC 29 Palms, Ft. Benning, MCAS Cherry Pt., Wright Patterson, Camp Lejune. Projects include, Firing range refit, Water diversion canal, Administration buildings, Aircraft facilities, Security upgrades, Multipurpose instructional facilities, Comm Shacks. All my DOD jobs have come with an "Outstanding" evaluation. Vertical construction, multistory, Civil and Technical. Also work with DSA, IDOT, FMC, local municipalities, and private party work, along with several BIA projects.

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And others who will be contributing time, effort & knowledge.
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