Cerberus QPS

   Follow on training is required by most MilCon contracts. 24hrs every 4 years is typical. We provide follow on training, usually one day, 8hr courses in many different areas of Safety. We can tailor training to your needs.

  • Trenching, Shoring & Excavation
  • Lock out Tag out
  • 8 Hr. & 16 Hr. 385-1-1 refresher Training
  • Crane signalman
  • Scaffold
  • Confined space
  • Site specific Fall protection program plan   
   Upcoming training Schedule - 2015

      I will be in the Southern California area, from early April thru mid-May, Miramar, 32nd street, Camp Pendleton, Navy El Centro, MCAS Yuma, Barstow, Yermo, 29 Palms, March AAFB, Seal beach and Long Beach, Vandenberg AFB.

Mid may, Las Vegas, Nellis AFB, Creech AFB.

Mid June, San Francisco, Travis AFB. Monterrey, SF Presidio.

First of August, Reno, Fallon AFB, MWTC Bridgeport.

Mid-August, Rocky Mountain Region, Hill AFB, Ft. Carson, AFA, Colorado Springs, Malmstrom AFB.

End of August thru end of September, Pacific Northwest, Fairchild AFB, JBML, Bremerton, Sub-base Bangor, Whidbey Is.

Work safe, Stay safe.