Cerberus QPS

   Follow on training is required by most MilCon contracts. 24hrs every 4 years is typical. We provide follow on training, usually one day, 8hr courses in many different areas of Safety. We can tailor training to your needs.

  • Trenching, Shoring & Excavation
  • Lock out Tag out
  • 8 Hr. & 16 Hr. 385-1-1 refresher Training
  • Crane signalman
  • Scaffold
  • Confined space
  • Site specific Fall protection program plan   
Upcoming training Schedule - 2017

      I will be in the Southern California area, from early June thru the summer. I will be holding classes as needed.

Classes currently scheduled -

      June 5th - 9th
      40 Hr 385-1-1, 2014, Construction Hazard awareness, San Diego Ca.

      As Needed....
      CPR GR2015, AED and advanced First aide, San Diego.

Work safe, Stay safe.