Cerberus QPS

    Production is the last head of the beast. Like the beast all three heads are attached to one body, miss anyone part and it dies. We can show you what to do, we can inform you how to do it, we can teach/instruct and provide very effective and informative information to you. But unless you have a burning desire to succeed it will not do you much good. Self motivation, Passion, Desire comes from within, it can not be given. That being said let us give you a heads up at what it takes to succeed at production.
      The short version is "plan your work & work your plan". Scheduling is everything. I have found over the years that using a scheduling program is much more effective than an excel or other spreadsheet format,I use MS project, I find that it is much more user friendly than most of the others. Also when a project starts, Get ANYONE & everyone involved in the project on a distribution list. It is amazing what that will do for you. I have had subs that are part of the project getting it from day one and as we progress with building I would get an email saying "I need to get this widget in before that widget gets installed". Has saved me plenty. Weekly Foreman's' meeting and staff meetings, As much as I believe most meetings to be a waste of time, these two are invaluable.

   Over the years of doing business as we do, we have allot of subcontractors that would follow us to Hades to do work, why? Because they have always made money. This a subcontractors main goal. Ours is to give the Government the best possible product, on schedule and on budget. The way we do business everybody wins.

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