Cerberus - QPS

   Quality control can truly be a monster in itself. We have been working on projects with both the ROICC and USACOE for many years. Sometimes it is a great working relationship and sometimes it is a REAL challenge. I know everyone has their stories. What we want to do is help BOTH the contractor AND the QA (government representative) to have a good working relationship. Our experience and knowledge can help both sides to have a Project be Safe, Delivered on time, within budget and per project specifications.

   We are offering a seminar, round table style, with both Contractor quality control and Government Quality Assurance personnel. We want to get ALL QA/QC personnel on the same page. We want to discuss the QA's responsibilities & the QC's responsibility. If interested please drop us a line and we can discuss your needs and base a curriculum on that.

   The reason we want to get the QA/QC's to talk is there just seems to be issues on both sides that if brought to the table and be dealt with it makes for a lot better project. I have been on projects that were great from start to finish.  I have also been on jobs that it was a fight the whole way to get things accomplished, yes we have partnering, yes we have the contract (thank goodness), but why does there have to be issues between the contractor and the government QA. I have talked to several QC's and have come up with four areas on contention.  They are:
  •     Consistency
  •     Knowledge
  •     Communication
  •     Interaction
       We will discuss these issues at length on some of the following pages.

"We will be measured by the answers to four questions: First, were we truly men of courage...second, were we truly men of judgment...third, were we truly men of integrity...finally, were we truly men of dedication?"

John F. Kennedy