Here at Cerberus & all DOD facilities doing MilCon projects Safety is by far one of the most important aspect of the three headed monster. We can help provide any level Safety personnel you need. We also provide OSHA 30 certifications, OSHA 10 certifications, as well as the new 385-1-1 certification, "Construction Hazard awareness", all at your location. We are now offering CPR/AED/First aid training. We can review your APP. We will show you how to get your AHA's approved the first time. We also do on site inspections as needed to ascertain any issues that may arise. We can come out when new DFOW's are starting and certify the competent person, ie. Trenching/excavation, Lock out/Tag out, Fall protection and Scaffolding.

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Working safely may get old, but so do those who practice it.